Weapons at Work

Employers concerned about weapons in the workplace should adopt and enforce a workplace weapons policy and be aware of state laws that impact this area. As is well known, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution protects the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms. How far does the Second Amendment reach into a private workplace? What about weapons such as knives, brass knuckles, or martial arts weapons that are not regulated? Jenkins Fenstermaker’s experienced labor and employment group can assist employers in the greater Huntington area and throughout West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), and Ohio (OH) in establishing workable policies for regulating weapons in the workplace in WV.

State and Federal Laws Regulating Weapons in the Workplace

Firearms are regulated by federal law and, in addition, every state has laws that govern the licensing, registration, sales, and carrying of firearms. Many states have specific locations where firearms are not permitted regardless of license. Employers must be aware of and craft employment policies in compliance with relevant federal and state laws.