Wrongful Termination Defense

There are significant local, state, and federal regulations of the employer/employee relationship that provides numerous protections to employees. Therefore, the decision to dismiss an employee should only be reached after full consideration of potential wrongful termination claims and, ideally, after consulting with an experienced wrongful termination defense attorney.

How a Tristate Wrongful Termination Defense Attorney Can Protect Your Business

Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC provides comprehensive employment counsel to help businesses avoid wrongful termination claims and defend against claims that are made.

We work with your company to avoid claims by helping to develop effective management practices in areas like these:

  • Policy and procedure development;
  • Employee handbook drafting;
  • Compliance review;
  • Human resources and supervisory training; and
  • Employee discipline and investigation.

If a dismissal is challenged, our attorneys are skilled at defending the company in any setting. We have extensive experience before state equal employment regulatory agencies, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and state and federal courts. Our approach is to get the matter resolved with the least adverse impact to the company, in terms of both time spent and cost.